Stolen Girl.!

Monday, 2 July 2012 0 comments
I have been wrote about a situation i am currently in on my last Article.
Click here to read that article about -"Girl with perfect Eyes and Smile".
I suggest you read that article before reading this one.

With different plans of talking to her, i walked by way through the ground where my other fellows and me used to have chit chats.
They were talking about something already by the time i arrived.
I didn't tried to tell em' that incident about the Girl.
In a quick flash i looked at the usual place where she and her friends stand , and there she was, looking and smiling. :) ♥.

I made a big kinda smile that made my pals notice it. They doubted on me in it.
Something made me said "Hey , its nothing guys!".
Then this !!!
One of em' told me that "Good , :) that girl is booked by our little fellow here".
Pointing an active and PERFECT TO GIRLS fellow , whom i didn't even forgot the name.

It was like holy crap. I should have told them first. It's my mistake.
And they were all in support for him. I thought everything had been BoOm bOm PoW!!!

I acted normally.
Shit happens!!

Really don't know what to do.
While at those intervals when my friends where planing to help him , she was still there ,staring , smiling and looking.
And i'm never gonna let her go.!!

I don't give a shit!!!
Waiting for the next day.



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