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Saturday, 30 June 2012 4 comments

This article is about a lovely and one of the most exciting incident i had in last two days.
It was my first day to the new school , I'm in +1 standard class on Computer Science course.

Really i have been thinking of plans to make new friends , to know them more , and of the most to find a Girl who suit me :) (That's me) :) .

Me and a new pal name 'SalSabeel' was sitting in the Veranda , talking about our past and all. Just some old blah blah blah....
And then it was , a girl , more sized than me (but just a little) . She had a pair of perfect and dark but cute eyes and smile.Wow i said , lol! :D.

In hope of a look from her , so that i can see her face clearly and i can do my regular rating. (It's out of 5).
Vola , she gave me a chance to give herself 5 on 5 , full marks. Her smile was something that made me also spring another one.Again , for the record , she had the cutest and perfect eyes and smile :).He said she might be on Biology Science.

Waited for another look for sometime.Crushing my hope. That was an invalid hope i thought.
I even thought that she did't know i exists.
Now it was my turn, to be a VALID PERSON to her! :)
I built up a huge mass of students around me to get her attention. As she was talking with her friends. Suddenly she noticed the mass and looked at me. WOW yet another smile , more cuter and perfect ♥. And you know what? I EXISTED.
Class started with a joy :) .
I thought i was in love or something. BUT NO :)
That's just the usual me.Had so many situations like this before. So i deleted that thought lol.
These Smile and Glare thing happened for all intervals/breaks .
Time to go home. She stands at the opposite side of the road in the bus stop. Glaring at me sometimes , smiling. WOW again :) .
Again gave me a confident smile when rushing into her bus.

That day was over. I even forgot her on my way back to home.

Next day started with a thought of study. But again like usual , i decided to study from next week.
Arrived school, on entering the class , i noticed a girl so beautiful looking at me , smiling.Holy crap it was her.
Why me when i'm not so good and there's so many around so  GOOD.
She was like hiding behind her friends then.
Those interval smileys continued.Reached TIME TO GO HOME TIME.
Opposite bus stops. She didn't looked at me.With a strong mood , she stood there.
Her bus came.Rushing into her bus.She made a Hi 5 saying Bye with the cutest smile she ever had.
Went away.This time , she was on my mind on my way home.
It's Saturday today.So there is no class tomorrow . Gonna wait for Monday to know what happens :D .
Gonna hear songs today night.
Trying to kill time , probably a day.
Life is beautiful :)


  • Smera said...

    Awesome post ever seen i my wonderful creativity bro...
    own her heart and enjoy her presence around you..!
    hope for de best...!<3


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