God ; The Almighty Bullshit

Sunday, 24 June 2012 1 comments
The baseless thing still exists - "GOD".

You may be thinking that 'what the f**k' , 'he may get punished my GOD'. Its because you eat shit.
The only fact that he or she you guys call GOD still said to be a true one because these kind of baseless stories and shits are being believed and trusted by the world itself.

If you really think that this thing what i call Bullshit exists , then be quite and continue reading this....

If that thing (Bullshit) existed , then why didn't it prevented all those disasters, all those tears of innocence, all those things that made you say "Holy Crap" after it have occurred , all those things that made you cry , think , and those loved once you have lost , those evils in the world , those corruption , those times when your were true and no one believed you and those times you said 'shit that happened' , those times you wished to rewind ,those times when no one wanted you, those times you think you should suicide , and those times the world itself had cried for. And my best pal who lost his life.
Why these things ? Why robbery? Why murder? Why cheating? Why natural calamities? Why innocent deaths?
You got an answer? NO !!!

Its time to wake up, know the real facts , know the nature ,see the future!!
Its just that you keep on trusting it, because like i said "You feed Shit into your head for generations".

I know that you might not have liked this post , because you thinks God created you and me.Then never mind it.

If you got the real fact and woke up from the world of baseless beliefs , then convey it to others, Spread the knowledge. Help the world to wake up. 
                                                                    Ahudha Hookka


  • Anonymous said...

    I truly think that God is disapointed by you He is the only one that we can trust in and you post rubish like this. I actuly just wanted a nice pic saying something about God and then I shaw your rubish pic and as a folower of God I just could not leave this her if you life like this you shall not have the etarnal life


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